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Flagpole (Kodimaram):

The Flagpole(Kodimaram) is referred to as being a medium for the Heavens to be connected to the earth, which would refer to it being a spiritual connector between us earthlings, and the Supreme Being, God. In the religious sense, whatever raises man to a higher level of understanding and activity. The flag also suggests hope and desire to overcome ignorance.

There is a widespread belief that the Flagpole gives an idea to a devotee from a long distance about the idol installed in the temple. Flagpole usually represents the prosperity and pride of a temple.

Where Flagpole(Kodimaram) is placed?

This is placed between the Front of the Temple or church and the main sanctum. Clad with Brass, SS, Copper decorations. Special flags will be raised during each of the festivals.

Scientific Reasons about Flagpole(Kodimaram):

Whenever lightning strikes, the metal arrestor (A device used to protect equipment from lightning, electrical storms, etc...), placed such that it is the highest point of the region, and induces the charge to conduct through it. The Arrestor then conducts the heavy electrical impulse directly to ground, thus preventing the building from getting damaged.

It can be noticed that the top of the Flagpole(Kodimaram) is the highest point of the Church, and thus, whenever lightning would strike, the Chuech would be saved from the devastating damage that could have been caused.

This is what could be meant from the explanation that it connects "Heaven to earth" (i.e.) it conducts the charges from the clouds above during lightning to earth or ground, which is the electrical term for a no-potential area.

Flagpole(Kodimaram) is a kind of Antenna like structure which receives the cosmic rays and brings it down to the premise of Temple or Church.

Interesting Fact about Flagpole(Kodimaram):

Flagpole(Kodimaram) in Temple or Church are the places where you should pray before entering Church. Near Flagpole you are supposed to leave all your bad doshas, attitudes or karmas and purify yourself before entering inside the Temple or Church. When you enter inside, you become one with the god with your prayers and the transmutation of energy takes place.

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